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Warm Me Up!

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I went to the "About" section in settings and now I am stuck. What do I do?

In version 1.0, the first time you enter Warm Me Up you are taken directly to the Settings section of the application so that you can select a voice type. Until you select a voice type the top menu bar including all Back buttons is hidden from view. If you are stuck in the About section, simply hit the Home button on the front of your iPhone to return to the home screen. Open Warm Me Up and you should be back in the Settings section where you can select a voice type and move safely into the About section again.

This bug will be fixed in an update shortly but should only affect you up until you have selected a voice type.

Warm Me Up crashes when I try and use the "Warm Me Up" option.

This is a problem that is encountered in a few cases where the data base of warm up exercises has only partially loaded into the iPhones memory on the first load. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and an update will be available shortly.

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